Quality Pre-Owned crossover, SUV and truck Models, Serving Wheeling, Steubenville and Martins Ferry

Whether you're from Wheeling, Steubenville or Martins Ferry, if you're looking to get the most car for your money, buying used is a great way to go. Not only do pre-owned models cost less upfront, but they're also often cheaper to insure and register as well. Furthermore, a pre-owned crossover, SUV or truck will generally hold its value longer, because it has already experienced its biggest depreciation dip. Have you ever wanted to take ownership of a top trim level but were concerned about the higher price? A late-model pre-owned vehicle from Allietta Ford could bring those extra amenities within reach.

Ample Used Vehicle Options at Allietta Ford

Hesitant about buying a new vehicle? Fear not, Wheeling, Steubenville and Martins Ferry drivers can rest easy knowing that all our used vehicles are inspected for quality beforehand! What about makes and models, you ask? Our used vehicles are constantly in flux, which allows Wellsburg drivers to select from a wide and ever-changing selection of used vehicles! Whether you're interested in a crossover, SUV, truck, drivers will likely find at least one model to fit their needs! From performance vehicles to casual cruisers, you'll find what you're looking for at Allietta Ford.

Finding a used car you love is easy when you shop with Allietta Ford

At our dealership, we've streamlined the used car shopping process for your convenience. Feel free to use our filters to narrow your options and browse between the Ford models that interest you most, or even shop solely based on your budget with our minimum and maximum price range options. Then when you're ready to make that next big step, swing by our showroom in Wellsburg to take a test drive.